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Grille Kit
  • Cobalt 2008 2009 Ss Radiator Grille Upper 25820008 - ($165.41)
  • Cobalt 2008 2009 SS Radiator Grille Lower 25820009 - ($79.71)
  • Cobalt 2008 2009 SS Lower Grille Retainer Clip 11588921 - ($27.60)


GRILLEKIT Cobalt 2008 SS/TC Radiator Grille Upper & Lower Kit

Kit comes with 2008 Cobalt SS/TC upper grille, lower grille, & retainors.
Save When You Buy This Kit fits 2005 - 2010 Cobalt with SS style front fascia.
Also fits 2005 - 2007 Cobalt SS/SC models.

Note, GRILLEKIT comes with items 1,5, and 6 as shown below.
Items #s 1,5,6,7, may also be purchased separately.

Installation instructions:
Please notebefore you start that GM says you need to remove the fasica to replace the grille. These instructions have been used by several members with out the need to remove the fascia.

You do not have to take off the Fascia! 6 plastic retainers, 2 phillips screws (need STUBBY screwdriver), 2 bowtie 10 mm nuts, and then some pushing and unclipping the fascia clips (best with 2 people but I did it alone). Install of new grille was pretty easy. I recommend that you paint the fascia-to-upper-grille-clips with semi-flat black before installing it -- you can see them through the grille. Bottom grill needs the 6 snap-in clip-nuts that come with the CED Grille kit. There are clips on the lower grille that these go on -- 4 on the bottom of the lower grille and 2 on top of the lower grille. In the yellow circle is the location of the screw (1 on each side of the grille) that you have to reach from underneath. You can see here that I didn't have to remove the fascia.

Lie on your back, reach up, on either side of the grille and remove 2 phillips head screws from behind the grille (need stubby phillips screwdriver). Stand up and remove the 2 10 MM nuts that hold the bowtie on and remove bowtie. Remove 6 plastic retainers -- 4 large retainers hold the grille to the upper radiator support and 2 small plastic retainers hold grille to upper fascia. I recommend that you remove the 2 rubber bumpers on the fascia too -- while these don't hold the grille in it just helps rather then working around them. Then, carefully pushing the grille in (towards rear of car) push the fascia clips out of the grille holes and the grille will come loose -- work from one side towards the opposite side to make it easier. When you install the TC grille also paint the fascia clip ends semi-flat black because you can see them through the grille openings. Just install the grille by following the direction backwards.

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