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2017 Chevrolet Performance Parts Catalog # 19355396
19355396&Nbsp;Chevrolet Performance Parts Catalog 2017

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A Full Listing Of All Chevrolet Performance Parts Available.
Ls1 Engine Kit Installation Guide 88959384
Ls1 Engine Kit Installation Guide 88959384
Gm Ls-Series How To Rebuild 88958764
88958764 Ls-Series How To Rebuild Book
150 Pages Of "How To Rebuild Book

This Book Covers All Tm Gen Iii And Iv Car And Truck Engines.
With More Than 600 Step-By-Step Color Photos.

Chevy Ls1 -  Ls6 Book 88958786
88958786 Ls1 -Ls6
160 Pages Of "How To Build High-Performance Chevy Ls1/Ls6 V-8S

Updated With More Than 500 Color Photos.

H.O. 350 Installation Manual 12485074
H.O. 350 Installation And Service Information Manual.
502 Ramjet Service Manual (Mefi 3) 12486610
12486610 Service Manual, 502 Ram Jet (Mefi 3)
Chevrolet Power Book 24502488
The Seventh Edition Of Chevrolet Power Contains The Latestinformation On Chevy High-Performance Parts And Engines Straightfrom The Engineers At The Chevrolet Raceshop And The Gmmotorsports Technology Group!
Motorsport Aurora V8 Engine Handbook 24502570
These Books Provide Recommendations On Component Selection And Buildprocedures For Engines Intended For Use In Specific Racing Series. This Bookcontains 35 Pages Of Important Information For You.
Ramjet 350 Service Manual 88962723
Service Manual, 350 Ram Jet (Mefi 4)
This Service Manual Is For The Installation Of The 350 Ram Jet P/N 124991290.
502 Ramjet Service Manual (Mefi 4) 88962724
88962724Service Manual, 502 Ram Jet (Mefi 4).
Busch Grand National Engine Handbook 12370848
12370848Busch Grand National Enginehandbook
Supertruck Engine Handbook 12370844
12370844Supertruck Engine Handbook
HP Books
HPBooks has been publishing automotive enthusiast guides since 1964. Written in an easy to follow format with hundreds of photos and drawings, our books have been used by classic car restorers, street rodders, street machiners, muscle car buffs, import tuners, racers, auto technicians, students and engineers for their automotive project.
S-A Design Books
Founded in 1993 CarTech, Inc has become one of the leading publishers of how-to automotive titles for the hardcore enthusiast. In 1995 CarTech purchased the S-A Design line of book from Larry Schreib and Larry Atherton who had published their first book in 1975 titled, The Chevrolet Racing Engine, by Bill Grumpy Jenkins. This single title gained wide recognition as “the bible” of high performance engine design and assembly.
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