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Chevy LT engines have revolutionized the automotive industry with their superior performance and efficiency. The LT series engines stand out as one of the best options available for car enthusiasts and restoration shops looking to replace or restore older vehicle parts. These powerful engines are an excellent choice for upgrading classic cars, providing them with unmatched performance, durability, and reliability, and all backed by a GM Warranty. By choosing an LT crate engine, car owners ensure that their prized possessions run like a dream without compromising their authentic feel. Give us a call today to talk with our friendly and personable staff. We’ll help you find the best engine for your restoration project.
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Chevrolet Performance LT1 Wet Crate Engine 19431953
List: $11,495.90
Price: $9,656.54

19431953 Chevrolet Performance Crate Engine Asm Wet Sump Replaces 19355405, 19418843
455 HP LT1 Performance Engine W/Digital Sensor

455 Hp@ 6,000 Rpm 455 Lb.-Ft. @ 4,600 Rpm With Wet Sump For Use With Connect And Cruise 8-Speed Automatic Package

Chevrolet Performance LT1 E-Rod Wet Sump Engine 19433063
List: $13,853.16
Price: $11,618.16
19433063 LT1 Erod Engine Wet Sump System Replaces 19418256, 12682080
With 4L and Super Magnum 6-Speed Manual
Chevrolet Performance LT4 Wet Sump Crate Engine 19431955
(1 review)
List: $21,330.76
Price: $17,917.84

19431955 Chevrolet Performance Engine Asm Wet Sump Replaces 19417413 and 19368622, 19418844
650 HP
LT4 Performance Parts W/Digital Sensor

For Use With Connect And Cruise 8-Speed Automatic Package

Chevrolet Performance LT4 E-Rod Wet Engine 19433067
List: $22,475.45
Price: $18,879.38
19433067 LT4 Erod Engine Wet Sump System, Replaces 19417727
Used with the 8 and 10 Speed Automatic
L8T 6.6 Ltr Complete Engine 19435733
List: $9,320.00
Price: $7,828.80
19435733 L8T 6.6 Ltr Complete Engine, Replaces 19433748
L8T Long Block 19433750
List: $8,533.33
Price: $7,168.00
19433750 L8T Long Block
L8P 6.6L Complete Engine Asm 19435523
List: $10,653.33
Price: $8,948.80
19435523 L8P 6.6L Chevrolet Performance Engine Assembly