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Are you searching for the perfect powerhouse to rejuvenate your classic vehicle or restoration project? Look no further than our extensive selection of big block Chevy crate engines. We cater to car owners and restoration shops alike, aiming to make your restoration journey as smooth as possible. When you call our office, our friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions.

Our inventory includes a variety of GM big block crate engines, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific requirements. These high-performance units will breathe new life into your beloved classic, providing the power and reliability you crave. All Backed by a GM Warranty.

Explore our range of big block crate engines to find the perfect match for your project. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll help you find it. Not only do we offer top-tier products, but we also publish helpful articles and blog posts to guide you through the restoration process.

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Chevrolet Performance ZZ427/480 Rat Big Block 19331572
List: $18,054.74
Price: $14,083.25
19331572 Chevrolet Performance ZZ427 Crate Engine
480 HP ZZ427 Big-Block, A Modern Take On The Classic L88
Chevrolet Performance 454 HO 438 HP 19433409
List: $10,776.88
Price: $8,971.76
19433409 HO 454 Chevrolet Performance 454 Replaces 12568774
438 HP Iron Head 454 HO
Muscle Car Muscle
Chevrolet Performance ZZ454 Crate Engine 19433410
List: $12,126.40
Price: $10,095.22
19433410 Chevrolet Performance Crate Engine  Replaces 19331574, 19419001
469 HP ZZ454/440 With Aluminum Heads
Chevrolet Performance HT 502CI Base Truck Crate Engine 19433156
List: $10,634.96
Price: $8,295.26
19433156 Chevrolet Performance HT 502 Big-Block, Replaces 88890534
Total Towing Performance
Chevrolet Performance 502HO Crate Engine 19433157
List: $13,033.37
Price: $10,166.03
19433157 Chevrolet Performance 502HO Crate Engine, Replaces 12568778
461 HP Roller Cammed Street Thumper
Chevrolet Performance ZZ502 Crate Engine  (Deluxe/Assembled) 19433162
List: $16,391.37
Price: $12,785.27
19433162 Chevrolet Performance ZZ502 Deluxe, Replaces 19331579, 19201332, 19419003
508 HP ZZ502, Our Most Popular Big-Block (Deluxe/Assembled) 
Chevrolet Performance ZZ 502 Crate Engine (Base/Assembled) 19433160
List: $14,272.13
Price: $11,132.26

19433160 Chevrolet Performance Base Kit Replaces 19331576, 19419002
508 HP Z502 Fully ZAssembled Base Kit

Chevrolet Performance ZZ502/605 Deluxe 19421200
List: $20,000.00
Price: $20,000.00
19421200 ZZ502/605 Deluxe
Pricing subject to change
Coming Soon!
Chevrolet Performance ZZ572 Crate Engine 620 Deluxe 19331583
List: $25,210.13
Price: $19,664.69

19331583 Chevrolet Performance ZZ572 CrateEngine
621 HP ZZ572
GM's Largest, Most Powerful Street Engine

Chevrolet Performance ZZ572 Crate Engine 620 Base Street Engine 19331581
List: $22,343.44
Price: $17,428.58
19331581 Chevrolet Performance ZZ572/620Base
621 HP
Same As The Deluxe But W/O Carb, Dist, W/O Manifold. 
ZZ572 Crate Engine 720R Deluxe Race Engine 19331585
List: $26,101.11
Price: $20,359.68
19331585 Chevrolet Performance ZZ572/720 Crate Engine, Replaces 19201334
727 HP. And The R Stands For Race!
19432060 ZZ632/1000 HP Chevrolet Performance Crate Engine
List: $42,224.81
Price: $33,891.48

19432060 ZZ632 Chevrolet Performance ZZ632 Crate Engine

1,004-Horsepower ZZ632 Crate Engine

Chevrolet’s Biggest, Baddest Big-Block Ever!

Chevrolet Performance’s ZZ632 takes the legendary Big-Block to all-new thresholds
of displacement performance. It’s the largest Big-Block we’ve ever built—and with an
incredible 1,004 horsepower and 876 lb.-ft. of torque on 93-octane pump gas, it’s also
the most powerful!
The ZZ632 starts with one of our tall-deck Sportsman Bowtie blocks as its
foundation, adds an all-forged roller assembly, a hydraulic roller camshaft and
all-new, high-flow spread-port cylinder heads derived from Pro Stock racing
technology. An EFI induction system provides the precise fuel control to enable
the crate engine’s stunning output with pump gas.
Our Deluxe package comes complete from the oil pan to the throttle body, as well as a
crank-trigger ignition system with coil-near-plug ignition coils mounted on a unique
valley plate, plug wires, water pump, balancer and an aluminum single-plane intake
manifold. The assembly also includes Chevy Orange valve covers with the “632” logo.