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Item #: 88958766
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88958766 Hydraulic Roller Camshaft
Replaces 88958606

This hydraulic roller camshaft for RPO LS1 or LS6 was designed for showroom stock road racing. It requires the use of 2002 and later LS6 hollow stem intake valves P/N 12565311, hollow stem - sodium filled exhaust valves P/N 12565312, and valve springs P/N 125565313. It features .570" intake and exhaust lift, 251 degree exhaust duration at .050" and 239 degree intake duration at .050". Technical Notes: ? Center line of intake lobe means M.O.P. or maximum open point, determined across nose of lobe. ? Lobe flank is not symmetrical - for best torque set intake to TDC@105 degree and for best poer set intake to TDC@106.5 degree. ? Cam timing @ 0.050" tappet lift (timed @106 degrees intake to TDC) ? Exhaust opens @ 51 degrees and closes @ 20 degrees with duration at 251. ? Intake opens @ 12 degrees and closes @ 47 degrees with duration at 239.

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