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Item #: 12610643
Reg. Price: $481.73
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12610643 ION Red Line Stage 3 PCM 2006-07

The PCM is equipped with a user adjustable rev limit from 6750 to 8000 rpm. The rev limit is adjusted by pressing on the throttle pedal with the ignition on and engine off. At about 50% throttle the tachometer will show the current rev limit. Pressing the throttle further will adjust the rev limit in 250 rpm increments. This PCM is also equipped with a control scheme for the equivalent of a 50-horse shot of Nitrous. The PCM will automatically provide the proper spark and fuel for A Nitrous up to 500 rpm below the current selected rev limit when the trigger is activated.

Note:The Stage 3 kit is for off-road use only. The Stage 3 upgrades are ment ofr off-road use only and are not certified to be emissions legal. The vehicle's air conditioning is desabled by the stage 3 PCM.

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