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Item #: 19331430
Reg. Price: $1,479.07
Our Price: $1,254.25


19331430 Replaces 88961160 Gm Performance Parts 572/720Hp Cylinder Head

This is the aluminum head for all the 572ci with 720 horsepower engines P/N 12898826 and 12498827. This The 720 horsepower head and the 620 horsepower head areas are the same except for the valve springs. This head has rectangular designed intake ports, with 1.18" chambers. The head includes valves, springs, and retainers. This head is similar to 502ci head, but has two additional head bolt holes and special machining. (Not recommended for usage other than 572).

Technical Note:
Use head gasket P/N 88961561, intake gasket P/N 88962213, intake bolt kit 12367959 and head bolt kit P/N 12367779.
This head includes the following items:
P/N 12366987 Intake Valve
P/N 88963128 Exhaust Valve
P/N 88963933 Valve Spring
P/N 12366990 Spring Retainer
P/N 88963937 Spring Shim
P/N 12366992 Valve Locks
P/N 88963936 Valve Seals
P/N 88963935 Locator, Valve Spring

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