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Item #: 12498032
Reg. Price: $2,530.66
Our Price: $2,105.51


This retro-fit fuel injection kit is released for use on small-block V8 engine using vortec design cylinder heads. The vortec heads are P/N 12558060 iron or 12464298 aluminum.
This fuel injection unit must use an after market ECM and wiring harness with the proper calibration. This unit is used on 350 Ram Jet engine P/N 12495515.
Technical Notes:
This kit includes these major items plus brackets, sensors, bolts, nuts, gaskets, and other small parts.
It does not include ECM or wiring harness.
01115498 01 Coil-Ignition
12097982 01 Wire Assembly - Marine Ignition
12489371 01 Manifold, Intake
1104060 01 Distributor Assembly - Ignition
10456126 01 Sensor Assembly - Knock
17096144 01 Throttle Body
12553918 01 Fuel Injection Rails
17124248 08 Injectors
16249939 01 Map Sensor
17123897 01 Fuel Pressure Regular

Note: uses P/N 89017465 intake gasket set.

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