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Item #: 19300955
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19300955 Replaces 12464298 Cylinder Head (Aluminum Fast Burn)

The all new 23° Fast Burn small block cylinder head has the highest performance potential of any 23° small block cylinder head developed by GM Performance parts.
The Fast Burn cylinder head combines new technologies with the best of GM motorsports and production cylinder head technologies.
The design creates tremendous power on engines from 350 to over 400ci.

The name "Fast Burn" refers to the head's ability to quickly and completely burn the air fuel mixture, resulting in higher cylinder pressures and more power. The shape of the combustion chamber is designed to accomplish this "Fast Burn" with flat top pistons, so flat top pistons are recommended with this cylinder head.
It is not recommended that the combustion chamber be modified or reshaped, as this could decrease the efficiency of the chamber.

This GM Performance cylinder head is designed with a .400" deck. This new technology removes material from other portions of the head, allowing for considerably larger ports and water jacketing.
The deck also provides unsurpassed clamping force for cylinder head gasket retention. The super rigid .400" deck thickness can be machined down to .340" safely for all-out performance applications and higher compression.

Other ways to adjust compression ratio with the Fast Burn cylinder head include top of piston design and piston installed height. Unlike the GM Performance Parts Bow Tie heads and most aftermarket performance cylinder heads, this head requires no additional porting for maximum performance.

In the past, the industry has added material to heads to allow substantial porting, which can result in poor "out-of-box" performance and additional cost.

The Fast Burn cylinder head utilizes GM Performance Parts' Cast-Ported technology, which means that improvements in flow, combustion and cylinder fill were incorporated into the machining tooling, achieving maximum performance "out-of-box".

New Fast-Brun Head Features/Benefits: (with P/N Head19300955)
Chevrolet "Bowtie" logo
Blue beehive valve spring - 122625033
• More consistent pressure
• Tested to 6800 rpm
• installed height - 1.800"
• Pressure @ 1800": 90lbs(+/-5lbs)
• Free Height: 2.122"(+/-.015")
• Same as the LS3, CT525 Performance spring
• CNC-machined aluminum performance cylinder head
• Completely assembled with 2.000"/1.550" valves
• 210cc intake port, roof raised .240"
• 78cc D-shaped exhaust ports, raised .200" – requires Fel-Pro® exhaust gasket P/N 1470 (may require minor trimming)
• 62cc combustion chamber, .400" deck (can be milled to .060")
• No heat riser
• Angled spark plugs (5/8” hex, 3/4" reach, tapered plugs)
• 1.48" valve spring seat diameter
• Use head gaskets with stainless steel fire rings
• Raised, machined rocker rails
• .530" maximum valve lift (without modifications)
• Screw-in studs (3/8" top, 7/16" bottom)
• New "time-serts" prevents oil migration through rocker studs
• Dual bolt patterns for perimeter-bolt and center-bolt valve covers
• Dual bolt patterns for Vortec and early-model intake manifolds
• Use bare head P/n 19300956
• Use production intake gasket P/n 19301685

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