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The Corvette engineering group and GM Racing collaborated to develop components proven to improve the durability and performance of production-based 1997-2004 C5 Corvettes in professional Showroom Stock racing. GMPP offers these winning parts in convenient, comprehensive kits to make your Corvette’s transformation from street car to racecar simple and straightforward.

NOTE: C5 racing parts are validated for off-road use only and are not intended for street car use. Modification with these parts will void the vehicle’s warranty.

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Corvette Ultimate Track Selection
The C7 Corvette Stingray is one of the most track-capable sports cars you can buy, with its performance eclipsed only by the supercharged Corvette Z06 – particularly when it’s equipped with the available, track-tested Z07 package. From aerodynamic aids designed to produce cornering-enhancing downforce and high-speed stability to the larger brakes and other unique drivetrain elements required to support the 650-hp Z06’s higher performance capability, a world-class supercar. Many of the Z06’s special components can be applied to the Stingray (including Z51 models) to enhance handling, braking, cooling and downforce performance, elevating its capability on the track for quicker lap times and a greater overall feeling of confidence in turns and on straights. Chevrolet Performance engineers have hand-picked the Z06 parts and other components that offer the greatest performance enhancements, with most of them offered as direct replacements for the stock corresponding Stingray parts.
Corvette Z06 Carbon Fiber Underbody Braces 23385708
List: $305.77
Price: $293.54
23385708&Nbsp;Corvette Z06 Carbon Fiber Underbody Braces

Corvette T1 Suspension Package 84511691
List: $3,585.51
Price: $3,442.09
84511691 Corvette T1 Suspension Package, Replaces 23336064, 84379881
T1 Suspension Package (2014+ My)
No image available.
List: $237.08
Price: $227.60
12480094Sachs Shock Absorber, Front
No image available.
List: $26.57
Price: $25.51
12480071Camber Plate, Large
No image available.
List: $26.57
Price: $25.51
12480076Camber Plate, Small
No image available.
List: $1,451.07
Price: $1,393.02
12480080C5 Transmission Oil Cooler Kit