88958603 Circle Track Crate Engine Circle Track Crate Engine 350/355 88958603
Circle Track Crate Engine 350/355 88958603

Circle Track Crate Engine 350/355 88958603

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Circle Track Crate Engine 350/355 88958603 Description
This is a factory sealed crate engine package, complete from high rise dual plane intake manifold, stamped steel valve covers with racing style breathers, and 8 quart dual kick-out circle track racing oil pan. The 350 engine is a great value with the 1053 forged steel crankshaft,aluminum heads heads with 1.94"/1.50" valves, hydraulic roller lifters, and HEI distributor and normal rotation iron water pump included.

The base engine is a ZZ4 350CI/355HP, with the following parts:
P/N 10105123 4 bolt iron block
P/N 14088533 1053 steel crankshaft
P/N 10108688 PM rod
P/N 10159436 High Silicon aluminum piston
P/N 10185071 Camshaft with hydraulic roller lifters
P/N 12556463 aluminum head
P/N 10185063 High rise dual plane intake manifold
P/N 1104067 HEI distributor
P/N 25534354 8 quart circle track oil pan (with oil filter)
P/N 25534359 Valve cover kit with breather tube
P/N 25534355 Valve cover breather kit
P/N 25534352 Special rocker arm nut "kool nut design"

Technical Notes:
These engines are sealed at the intake manifold, cylinder head, front cover, and oil pan with special twist off bolt heads. The 355 HP @ 5500 RPM was derived from a superflow dyno using a 4 barrel 650 cfm Holley carburetor P/N 80541-1, 32" long by 1 5/8" to a 1 3/4" stepped header with a 3" collector, and 92 octane unleaded gasoline. Oil pan clears most GM rear steer chassis with stock engine location. Oil pan is 7" deep at sump.

CT350/355 Installation Guides with part numbers

P/N 88958603


Circle Track 350/355
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Circle Track 350/355 hp
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Based on our popular ZZ4 performance street engine design, this engine steps up the game with higher compression, a forged steel crank, and aluminum heads.


• Hydraulic-roller, steel camshaft
• High-velocity D-port head design
• All-new parts, fully assembled with sealing bolts

A Satisfied Sanctioning Body Commenting on our Circle Track Sealed Crate Engine Program:
"Our series is powered by the GM Performance Parts Circle Track Crate Engines. We like them because the engines are equal, so the raace results are in the hands of the drivers and crew chiefs."

Stan Lester
President and CEO
FasTrak Champion Series

• We factory-seal the 350/355 Limited Late Model racing engine with special GM-branded, round-head bolts at the intake manifold, cylinder head, front cover, and oil pan.

• We achieved the 355-hp rating with a Holley 650-cfm four-barrel carburetor, Holley P/N 0-80541-1; 32-inch-long by 1-5/8-inch-into-1-3/4-inch stepped headers with 3-inch collectors; and 92-octane gasoline.


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Circle Track 350/355
GM Part Number
Engine type:
Chevy small-block V8
355 @ 5250 rpm
405 lb-ft @ 3500 rpm
Displacement, (cu in)
Bore x stroke (in)
4.00 x 3.48
P/N 10105123
cast iron 4-bolt with 1-piece rear main seal
P/N 12556307
forged steel
Connecting rods:
P/N 10108688
powered-metal steel
Compression ratio:
P/N 10159436
high-silcone cast aluminum with offset, pins
Piston rings:
P/N 12528817
Intake manifold:
P/N 10185063
aluminum dual-plane high-rise
Camshaft type:
P/N 10185071
hydraulic-roller lifters
Camshaft lift (in):
.475 intake/.510 exhaust
Camshaft duration(@ .050 in):
208° intake/221° exhaust
Rocker arm ratio:
Rocker arms:
P/N 10089648
Valve, exhaust
P/N 10168514
Valve, intake
P/N 10168465
Valve lash:
Timing chain:
P/N 14088783
Valve springs:
P/N 12551483
LT4 chrome silicone
Cylinder heads:
P/N 12556463
aluminum, 58cc combustion chambers
P/N 1104067
Ignition timing:
10°BTDC @ 800 rpm: 32° total @ 4000 rpm with vacuum advance disconnected
Spark Plugs:

R44 R43 LTS gap @ .045

Rpm, maximum recommended:
Fuel, minimum recommended
NOTE: The distributor we recommend with the 350/355 engine has a melonized steel gear. This MUST be used with engines with steel camshafts, or engine damage can occur.
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