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CAMARO GM RACING BRAKE COMPONENTS For the racer, GMPP offers a line of superior brake components for the F-car. Originally developed for the 1996 Corvette, the brake components are modified to fit 1993-1999 Camaro and Firebird models. They are intended for racing only and not street use. Available components include:
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Ultimate Track Gen 5 Camaro SS Parts Selection
So you have decided to stop using your Gen 5 Camaro SS merely as a daily driver, and want to dedicate it to dominating on the road course? We can help take you there! As we have steadily improved the performance of our production Camaro lineup from the SS to the 1LE, ZL1, and culminating with the Z/28, we have continuously offered key performance-enhancing parts from each of these performance variants as Chevrolet Performance Accessories to integrate into your Camaro SS, and improve its track acumen. We have now combined the ultimate selection of these key upgrades, with select service parts and our Chevrolet Performance LS3 Engine upgrades to create an incredibly fast, reliable, and affordable track car that will take the drama out of your build and track events. These parts are designed and tested to meet not only our typical lifetime component and vehicle durability, but also our grueling 24-hour track durability testing. Why take the risk with the aftermarket when you can
Strut Tower Bolt 2011 - 2012 Camaro 11589407
List: $8.37
Price: $6.36
11589407 Strut Tower Bolt 2011 - 2012 Camaro
Requires 6 Priced 1 Each
No image available.
List: $401.44
Price: $385.38
12480039Mounting Bracket, Full Rotor
No image available.
List: $423.59
Price: $406.64
12480038Mounting Bracket, Race-Cut Rotor