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Item #: 10051102
Reg. Price: $432.95
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This is Chevy's best Bow Tie aluminum intake manifold for competition small-block V8s with standard intake ports. It is based on the same casting (P/N 10051103) as the raised runner intake described above, and offers the same advanced performance features. The gasket flanges are machined to provide the proper port alignment with standard runner locations; runners in heads and manifold must be matched by engine builder. This manifold's single-plane design produces impressive power at high rpm, and the tuned runners boost mid-range torque. Technical Notes: This competition-only intake manifold mounts a single standard flange four-barrel. A 2" carburetor spacer is recommended if hood clearance is sufficient. Use with heavy-duty Bow Tie cylinder heads P/N 10134392 and 14011049. Important part matching information: When matching gasket to the intake manifold, the gasket will line up with the top of the port. Stock removal will be required at the bottom of the port gaskets that can be used with this manifold are: FEI-PRO PN's 1205 & 1206 Mr Gasket P/N 102. Be sure to match the gasket to the cylinder head you plan to use to insure correct fit.

Note: 6.5" tall

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