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  • 18-Degree Aluminum Cylinder Head 10134359

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Item #: 10134359
Reg. Price: $813.75
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10134359 18-Degree Aluminum Cylinder Head Low-port 18-degree aluminum cylinder head for maximum- effort competition engines. These heads offer significant improvements over conventional head designs with 18-degree valve angles (vs. older 23-degree angles) and 43-cc combustion chambers. Spark plug holes are centrally located, valve centerlines are relocated, and the exhaust ports are high-flow. Head face has an extra 0.080- inch of material for 9.1:1 compression. Up to 2.20-inch intake valves can be used. Shallow wedge-shaped combustion chambers allow builders to achieve high compression ratios with small piston domes. Heads do not include valve seats or guides. Aftermarket shaft-mounted rocker arm assemblies and pushrods are required. Piston domes and valve pockets must be matched to the revised combustion chamber design.

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